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Beverly Hills Endodontics is the office of Dr. Joshua Yadegar, Beverly Hills Endodontist, a specialty-centered practice limited to root canals and retreatments (root canals that have to be redone).

We provide high-quality, personalized care to each patient to save teeth that otherwise would have to be extracted. Your dental and overall health is our top priority, and our highly trained and experienced team, including Dr. Joshua Yadegar, DDS,Endodontist Beverly Hills, is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of endodontic care in a comfortable, caring, and professional environment.

Learn more about Beverly Hills Endodontist Joshua Yadegar and take our Office Tour.

416 North Bedford Drive, Suite #209
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Mon-Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday by appointment only

2-hour free parking at 461 N. Bedford Drive and 9510 Brighton Way